What do you call a guy who gets laid on the subway? – MSNBC

“The guys who walk on the platform are not necessarily the ones who get laid.

You know, a guy on the train gets a cab and they get a cab ride back to his house.

That’s not necessarily what the train is for,” Cliff notes.

“So I think it’s pretty much like any other job where you get to spend your time with people and not necessarily be a star.”

Cornell notes that he has “been a pretty consistent performer” in a lot of roles, and that “there’s something about being a guy that just kind of does that.”

“I guess that’s kind of the thing I’m really into,” he says.

“I mean, I do have some issues with a lot that come along with that.

It’s kind, I think, I’m a fairly self-aware person.

It just takes time for me to really understand where I’m coming from.”