Why you should care about how the Cornells use their stock portfolio

The Cornell family has been in the news lately for its investment strategy.

The family of hedge fund manager Robert Cornell sold a majority stake in its own fund to a hedge fund in 2014 for $100 million.

He is a member of the billionaire class and owns stakes in other private companies.

Since then, the family has used its stock portfolio to make an enormous amount of money.

The Corneys are currently worth $1.6 billion.

That’s up from $900 million a year ago, when they were worth $600 million.

The family also uses its stock to invest in private companies that are in the health care, energy and financial sectors.

For example, it’s been investing in several medical device companies.

Cornell owns stakes on a majority of those companies.

And the Cornecs also own stakes in a few hedge funds that hedge funds usually aren’t interested in.

The Cornecks are also using their stock to help the hedge fund they invested in grow.

In 2015, the Corneys invested $2.5 billion in a private equity fund run by the private equity firm, CVC.

They used their share of the fund to invest more than $300 million in the company.

Corneck bought a portion of the company and turned it into a hedge funds.

The company has since been worth $50 billion.

The Cornell portfolio has seen significant gains.

It was up more than 30 percent from the year before.

The portfolio has also seen some big gains.

The fund has made more than 300 million dollars in value since 2014, including $100.7 million in dividends since 2015.

The fund’s CEO, Eric Tandberg, has said the portfolio will remain profitable.

And Cornell told the Wall Street Journal that he will continue to invest, but only if he gets a better return on his investment.

He also told CNBC that his holdings in the fund are diversified enough that he can easily diversify to any sector.