Clef: Trump has a ‘tough time’ in the White House

By By Clef CharkaevThe White House has been forced to scramble to respond to a report that Donald Trump is struggling to deal with his latest health crisis, amid the ongoing media frenzy over the president’s deteriorating health.

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that Trump is facing multiple health problems, including pneumonia, in his home in Palm Beach, Florida, and that he is not showing any signs of improvement.

The White house has taken steps to quell the growing controversy surrounding Trump, with the president, first lady Melania Trump, the first lady and their daughters visiting New York City for the first time in three days and visiting the White Houses medical facilities, according to the AP.

Trump is currently in his second straight week of pneumonia and the White house confirmed on Tuesday he is suffering from an infection in his lung.

The president is now scheduled to be hospitalized on Wednesday, with doctors confirming that he has suffered multiple organ failure and will need an extensive medical evaluation.

The AP reported that a spokeswoman for the WhiteHouse told reporters that the president is currently feeling better, and is “optimistic that he will be able to attend a full scheduled briefing at the Whitehouse on Tuesday.”

The AP said Trump will remain in the hospital “until he is ready to return to normal activities.”

In the meantime, the White houses medical staff has been trying to manage the situation.

The first lady said on Twitter that Trump’s health is “not great” and that “we need to keep him in the house, which means we have to be able and willing to be there.

We are doing everything possible.”

Trump’s spokeswoman did not immediately respond to requests for comment from ABC News.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest defended the president on Tuesday, saying he is “doing great” despite being in the intensive care unit and being told he will need to stay in the room for a few hours to rest.

“I don’t think he knows what he’s doing,” Earnest told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

“I think he’s thinking, ‘Oh, it’s my family.

I’m doing great.

I’ve got a great time.’

And then he’s taken a few breaths, which is a problem.”

The president’s health troubles have been the focus of much attention since the Whitehouses announcement on Friday that he had pneumonia.

Trump initially claimed to be in good health, and on Monday said that he was “just fine.”

The White Houses chief of staff, Reince Priebus, has said that the pneumonia diagnosis was a “major surprise” to the president.

But Trump has struggled to keep up with his daily schedule, leading to widespread speculation that he might be unable to attend the daily briefing on Tuesday.

Aides have told reporters the president does not know the status of his condition and will be evaluated by a doctor on Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday, Trump will be on a golf course in New Jersey, where he was supposed to be working, the Associated Press reports.

He is expected to miss the briefing due to the fact that he and first lady Michelle Obama are vacationing in Florida.