Fox News: What if the U.S. didn’t need Trump?

Fox News host and former GOP congressman Allen West is urging the United States to stop supporting Trump and instead focus on winning the presidency.

West made the comments during a segment on “America’s Newsroom” Wednesday night, adding that if you want to be a president you have to get the job done.

“You can’t be a loser,” West said.

“You have to be strong and you have a purpose.

You have to make the country stronger and you need to be willing to change.”

West has a track record of making harsh remarks about President Donald Trump.

In February, West said that Trump was a “danger to the country” and that the president is “a very dangerous person.”

“I have said, ‘You’re going to get a lot of bad press if you continue on this course.

I’m going to make you a scapegoat,'” West said, referring to Trump.

“I don’t think he has the temperament to be president.

I think he’s a dangerous person.

And I don’t want to see this country go to hell.”

West said he doesn’t think Trump is a danger to the United State and is willing to work with him, but that he’s “trying to win the White House, and I think that’s his strength.”

West has been critical of Trump throughout his campaign.

In September, he tweeted that the former president “lives like a pig” and suggested that he is “not an American patriot.”

In February, Trump accused West of being “disrespectful to the president of the United Kingdom” and threatened to release all of West’s tax returns.

In October, Trump called West a “faker” and said that the U,S.

should not be allowing him to speak at this year’s Republican National Convention.

West has also come under fire for a number of other statements during his campaign, including calling the United Nations a “joke” and calling for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the country.