How anime fans make their way to the afterlife

In a few short months, the anime genre will come to a close.

A year ago, the show that brought us Death Note ended its run.

In the weeks and months following its cancellation, fans from around the world descended on Japan to commemorate the anime’s passing.

With anime fans in particular struggling with mental health issues and depression, the death note era will mark a major turning point for the medium.

It also marks the beginning of the end for Death Note, as it will no longer be seen in theaters.

While the show’s creators have said that the deathnote era will never end, there are signs that it will be a very different story.

Here are the ten best anime deaths that happened after Death Note’s death.


The Death of Death Note 2.

Death Note (2017) 3.

Death Notes (2017; animated) 4.

Death notes to Death Note 4 (2017-2018) 5.

Death note to Death note 5 (2018-2019) 6.

Death of Dontaku 6 (2018) 7.

Death by Death Note 7 (2018; animated; live-action) 8.

Deathnotes of Death note 8 (2018-) 9.

Deathnote to Deathnote 9 (2018+2017) 10.

Death to Death 9 (2017-)