Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, MSNBC & More All Faced With Unfair Coverage in New York

Fox News, CNN and MSNBC are facing multiple lawsuits from former employees alleging they were fired for expressing their political views.

Lawyers for former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson and CNN host Brooke Baldwin say the networks have lost billions of dollars in sales and revenue because of their public statements, which they say have caused the public to lose trust in their networks.

“There are tens of millions of Americans who have lost trust in the media because of what has been done by the network and what has gone on in the past year and a half,” said attorney Richard Fink, who filed a federal lawsuit in New Jersey last month.

“The only reason the media has become so political in the last year is because of the network’s actions.”

A lawsuit filed on Wednesday against Fox News by Carlson and Baldwin says they were terminated from the network in January 2016 and were fired after the network retracted comments they made about President Donald Trump.

Fox News spokeswoman Jennifer Belsky declined to comment on the lawsuit.

“As the litigation progresses, we will continue to make every effort to respond to this complaint,” she said.

The lawsuit comes after several lawsuits were filed against the network by former employees, many of whom claim they were punished or fired for their political statements.

Fox News has denied any retaliation.

In the lawsuit filed last month, Carlson said that her termination was “totally justified” after she said she “disagreed with the way the network handled the death of Keith Lamont Scott in its coverage of the fatal police shooting of Scott’s girlfriend in Florida.”

In her lawsuit, Carlson alleged that her firing was retaliation for her political views, which she had expressed publicly.

She also said she was told to leave the network.

Fink said in the lawsuit that Carlson and other former Fox employees had a difficult time securing jobs at other networks because of Carlson’s political views and because she did not support the network on social issues.

“She was fired for her views, not for her job performance,” he said.

“She was a brilliant journalist who was hired for her talents, not her values.

She had the ability to tell stories that made sense, not the politics she thought she could bring to the table.”