Samsung Note 11 is ‘somewhat’ battery-saving, according to user review

The Galaxy Note 11, the Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, has a relatively low battery, according a user review of the phone by The Verge.

The Verge’s review of Samsung’s Note 11 said the device is “almost as battery-efficient as the Note 10” and that the device’s battery “never seems to run out.”

The Verge also noted that the Note 11 “has the longest battery life of any Android phone we’ve ever tested.”

But it’s worth noting that the battery life in the review was limited to just about half an hour of screen-on time and that battery life was far from ideal for most use cases.

In a post on The Verge, a user asked the Verge’s user review team whether the battery was a concern, and they said, “Battery life is not a concern in this case.”

A second post on the Verge also stated, “The battery life is still a bit below the Galaxy S7 edge, but the S9 edge is faster, and has a better camera.”

However, the Verge user wrote that the review team did not consider the battery to be a concern because the device “never seemed to run any out.”