How to unlock new outfits for your characters

The latest patch is now available for all characters, with the final patch for all games released in 2018 coming with the full list of outfits for all of the games released for the year.

The list includes many of the costumes you might have been wanting to acquire, as well as some new ones.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new additions, and how to unlock them.

The full list:The update also includes new outfits, which can be worn with the new gear available for characters.

There are several new outfits that are currently available for purchase, with more to come in the future.

Here are the new outfits available for each character in the game:For the full details on what these outfits are and how they work, check out IGN’s guide on how to get the new ones for each of the characters.

The outfits will also be available in other ways, with some being unlocked by completing missions for them.

You can unlock the new costumes for characters via the Story mode in the main game, and can do this in a variety of ways.

Here are some of the most popular ways to unlock the outfits:For example, if you’ve been waiting for the “Taunt” outfits, you can earn them by playing as characters from the game’s first year, such as the one you play as after you get the Valorant Patch.

Here’s a list of all of these costumes, along with a full list, as seen on the right.

This list is in alphabetical order:You can also buy costumes that are unlocked through a certain point in the story.

For example, the first outfit for Valorants in the first game unlocks at level 11, and the second outfit unlocks at a higher level.

If you’re looking to unlock more outfits for characters that are not in the list, then you can buy them using a special currency called Valoratas that can be purchased with Valorata, which is also known as “Vex currency”.

Here’s how to do so:Here’s the full guide on the Valora currency and how it works, along to unlocking outfits for every character.

The new costumes are also available through the Battle mode in Destiny, and are only available to characters that have the “Valorant” tag.

For a full breakdown of what tags each character has, see our guide on Destiny’s Battle Tag system.

You also get a few new items for characters in the Battle arena, and some other items as well.

Here is a list:For more information on the new items, check our guide:For a full rundown of all the new content coming in the next patch, check IGN’s Destiny patch notes for all the details.

If your character is not a Valoran, they can still be purchased through the “Vegoratass” tag in the new “VEX Currency” currency that can only be purchased by characters who are Valorans.

Here you can find the details of the new tags, and what to expect in the patch.