The death note poster for the next Apple event

The death notes for the new Apple event are up for sale, and they’re all cutesy and cute, according to the person selling them.

The person in question, who goes by the handle Cute Notes, is offering the notes for a $20 price tag on her website.

She told Axios that she was inspired by the popular meme “cutenotes” about how a death note can be used to advertise your product or service.

“I think this is something that we’ve seen in the comics, and people just get carried away with the idea of making their product look cute,” Cute notes said.

“So, I thought this would be the perfect way to promote my new Apple product.”

The notes, which are listed as “cutesy” and “cuteness,” feature a note with a note of the user’s favorite color and the word “curious.”

Cute notes says she’s looking for people who are interested in getting creative with their Apple products.

Apple has previously offered a limited edition line of Apple-themed art for $40, with a “cunning” note added.