How ‘The Hunger Games’ Has Changed Dogs

What if a dog could write a letter to her owner?

And how would she know that?

That’s the premise of The Hunger Games: The End of the Beginning, the new HBO film that tells the story of an unlikely group of characters who decide to take on a huge task to bring a small girl home to her parents after the death of her mother.

The film opens in theaters next month, and it’s the latest example of HBO’s willingness to tackle social and political issues that have resonated with fans of the series.

In a statement, the network said that The Hunger, which features a young protagonist who grows up in a world that’s been ravaged by war, will tell the story through the lens of its characters, not through the narration of its producers.

The show has already proven that it’s possible to make a show about a large group of people who are all trying to find some sort of meaning in their lives and, as such, is the perfect subject for a film that explores the human condition.

It’s also the perfect setting for a sequel, which is rumored to be in the works.

That movie would likely follow the same story but in the future, HBO will be taking a different approach to tackling the themes of injustice and inequality.

In its statement, HBO said that it was looking for a story that was more relatable to the public.

“We want to tell the human story through characters like ourselves, who have experienced all the hardships of this world and yet somehow feel like they are still living in a bubble of complacency,” said HBO COO Casey Bloys.

“The Hunger games is about the journey of the human spirit to find hope, strength and love, and hopefully, ultimately, peace.

It is a story about people who, at their core, want nothing more than to give their all to a better world for all of its inhabitants.”