The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus may be better than the one before, but it still won’t be the best

In 2017, we predicted the iPhone 6S would be the king of the smartphone throne, but in the end, it still had to settle for fourth place.

The iPhone 6 Plus was a step up in every way, but that’s not what you’re thinking when you think of a flagship smartphone.

The new iPhones are all about the bigger screen, and while the screen is bigger than the last one, the iPhone 5s was still better.

There’s no denying that the iPhone 7 is a bigger and better device than the iPhone 8, but the iPhone X is still better for a similar price.

Read moreWe’re happy with the iPhone 9, but there’s no doubt in our mind that it’s a step down in every regard.

It’s still one of the best phones in the world, but we still don’t think it’s the best smartphone.

In fact, we think the iPhone 10 is a step above the iPhone 11, and in that respect, the new iPhones may even be better.

What we think about:In the end the biggest thing we want to know is how good a smartphone is, and it looks like we’ll have to wait for a few months to find out.

Apple has already launched a range of new iPhones, but what if you want the best iPhone of them all?

Let’s find out, shall we?

What’s the iPhone iPhone?

The iPhone is a modern smartphone that’s both thinner and lighter than its predecessors.

The device has a 5.5-inch screen, which is larger than that of the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 3GS, and is curved to fit the shape of the phone.

The phone is also IP68 water-resistant, and has a 2,100mAh battery.

Apple is aiming to get the iPhone to the masses as soon as possible, and that means that we’re going to have to see the iPhone before we can judge it.

Apple says that the new iPhone will be available on October 16, but no official date has been announced.

Apple’s latest smartphones have had a few tweaks to the design and functionality.

The iPhones 7 and 8 are smaller and lighter, with a smaller camera, but they are still better than their predecessors.

The iPhone X has been delayed for almost a year now, but Apple is finally ready to introduce it.

The latest iPhones are a step ahead of the last, with better cameras and a better screen.

It looks a little bit different from its predecessors, and the screen looks a lot thinner, but its still the same screen size as the previous models.

Apple says that you’ll get two different models of the new smartphone: the 8 and X, which will be the iPhone’s cheapest model, and a version with a 10.5 inch screen and a 64GB storage option.

The phone will also come in four colors: white, red, green and blue.

It will be priced at $599 for the 8, and $749 for the X. It is expected to be released this fall.

Apple also announced that the company will begin selling an iPhone X with a 128GB storage.

The company is already offering an 8GB model for $719.

The 128GB model will be limited to 32GB storage and will only be available for limited time.