The death note characters for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ are so bad they might kill you

The death notes in “The Dark Tower” are so awful that they might not kill you, a new study suggests.

In the film’s first scene, Roland Deschain (Idris Elba) and his companions escape from a tower that is about to fall to the heroes.

The film, which opens Nov. 16, opens with the protagonist’s mother, Roland, in a coma after a botched escape attempt.

After escaping, she dies from a gunshot wound to the head.

The death of her daughter would make her the first person to die on screen since the death of the original Stephen King novel “It.”

The death note character descriptions on the film-based film’s screenwriters and cinematographers also describe her as “a madwoman,” “crazy,” “disheveled,” “sad” and “devastated.”

In the script, the character’s description includes: “She has a sad, sad face with black hair, a small nose and a sad smile.”

The study by researchers at the University of British Columbia, UBC and the University at Buffalo found that even the character descriptions are so vague that they would be unlikely to lead to any meaningful death.

They say that the character would likely be killed by her own family members and friends, who are not present at the scene.

In addition, the film would likely show her as having a short, pale face with long brown hair.

The character’s facial expression would be a combination of surprise and amusement, the researchers say.

Even in the most serious scenarios, the study found that the characters would be “simply not capable of breaking free” and would likely die of exhaustion.

The film’s scriptwriters, the cinematographer and screenwriters have all said that their characters will be more “human” and more “vulnerable” to death than the real-life characters.

In a statement, the filmmakers said the death note descriptions were inspired by real people.