How to get Google+ sticky notes for the new calendar and search

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Google+ sticky note and Google+ calendar Google+ is coming to the desktop with the new Calendar app, and the search function has been renamed to “Google” in order to better match Google+.

The company has also launched a new sticky note service called Google+ Sticky Notes that will allow users to quickly share their notes with others on Google+.

The sticky note feature is only available on Android devices and has only been available in the app for a few months.

Google+ stickies are not searchable on the desktop or mobile web.

Google says it’s adding more sticky notes to the service over time.

To get the service, you’ll need to install Google+ and sign in.

Once you’re signed in, you can create a new Google+ account and add notes.

Once a note is added, it will show up in your inbox as a sticky note.

You can edit the notes, tag them, and save the note.

The sticky notes can be shared with anyone on Google+, who can then edit and share the notes with other people in your Google+ community.

Google also says it is adding an auto-update feature that will notify users when new sticky notes are added to the Google+ service.

This article is updated on March 4, 2018, to include more details about Google+’s sticky note functionality.