How to use your Notes icon on the Galaxy Note 8

Not all of the apps and features available on the new Samsung Galaxy Note8 are available for iPhone users, and some of them are not compatible with the iPhone.

For instance, Samsung is not yet supporting Apple’s SnapChat, the company’s messaging app, on the Note8.

The company’s app has not been updated to work on the Samsung Galaxy note 8 and is still not working.

The company is working on a fix for this problem but will have to wait for the Samsung phone’s next major firmware update to be available before we can expect a smooth experience on the iPhone, a spokesperson for Samsung told us.

However, if you want to use a compatible app on the device, it should work on both iPhone and Galaxy Note models.

The only other app currently working on the note 8 is the Facebook Messenger app, which is not compatible on iPhone but is compatible on the tablet.

The WhatsApp app is also not compatible.

There are also no apps currently available on Samsung’s Galaxy Note line that are not available for use on iPhone.

The latest version of the Galaxy note series is the Galaxy S8 and the Note 8 is one of the new devices that Samsung introduced to the world in March 2017.

The Galaxy Note series has become increasingly popular and Samsung is reportedly considering bringing it back as a premium smartphone.

The Note8 is a slightly bigger version of Samsung’s flagship model and comes with a higher-resolution screen, an enhanced camera, and a higher price tag.