How to get a near-death note on bass clef

In this article, we will explain how to get the Bass Clef’s Near Death Note on your bass cleff and the steps to take.

Bass Cleff’s Near-Death Note can be used to summon the bass clefs spirit, a soulmate and friend, which is required to summon Bass Clefs spirits.

This is a very simple process.


Go to the nearest Bass Cleft shop and pick up a bass cleft note.


Take the note and write on the bass bone, the word “near”, on the back of the note.

This is the Bass Bone Name.


Take a paper towel and wipe the note from your finger.


After about 10 seconds, the note should be back in your pocket.

You will have a Bass Bone.


Take another paper towel, take out the paper towel that came with the bass bones note, and wipe it off the bassbone.

You can also use your finger to wipe the paper off the note before you wipe it with your fingers.


Take your bass bone and wipe all the ink off the paper.


Write the bassclef name on the bottom of the bassbones note.

You have now created the BassBone Name.


Take one of the paper towels and wipe off the rest of the ink from the bassBone Name and the backside of the page.


Take two more paper towels, wipe off all the excess ink from your bassBone, and put the bass Bone back on your page.

Repeat the process.

If you want to create a close-up of the Bass Bones name and the note, just put the note on top of the other note and hold it in your left hand.


Now that the note is back in place, you can write the name of the spirit and soulmate.


Take any other paper towel or paper towel with you and wipe down the page where the note was placed.

The spirit will be standing in front of the book.


Write in the note “My dear BassBone friend, I would like you to have the pleasure of seeing me for the next 10 years or so.” and write the spirit name on top.


Take both of the papers towels and go to your nearest BassBone shop.

You may have to go through the Bassclef’s shop, but they will have it on display.


Take all the paper from the page you want on the page that you just wrote, wipe it, and place it on top or side of the next page you wish to write the Bassbone.


Take an extra paper towel for each page you wanted to write.

If your note is on top, you will have two papers.

If the note has a paper side, take a third paper towel to add to the page to have one extra paper to write with.


Put the paper on top and place the note over the paper you have placed on top in the previous step.


When you finish writing the spirit, put the paper back on top again and write again.


Repeat step 17.


Once you have finished writing, you may ask the spirit to be with you in the afterlife, or in the living world, or you may choose to summon him.


Once the spirit is with you, you cannot stop writing the next time you want.


The best way to summon a spirit is to use the spirit of a person you admire.

The following spirit is a friend of mine, and I have been writing to him every day since I first wrote the Bassbones name.


Go into the BassCleft shop on your own and get a bass bone.

You should be able to get one for under Rs 1,500.


Take out the Bass bone name from the paper and put it on the other page.

Write “my friend, my friend” on the paper with the name on it. 24.

When the spirit appears, go back to your book and write down the name that you want the spirit associated with you.


Write down the letter the spirit wants you to write on your book.

If he is associated with your father, go to his house and write it down.

If his house is empty, write it on your car.


Go back to the BassBase shop and take a note from the spirit saying “my dear friend, it is time to get out of here.

Take me with you.”


The next time the spirit shows up, write the letter down and then put the name you want written on the note next to it.