How ‘safety’ was a mistake for Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis

The Baltimore Ravens have spent the past several years trading up to the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft to get the kind of player they were looking for.

But they were not the first team to make the mistake.

The New York Giants took a flier on Ray Lewis in 2008, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took a chance on him in 2010.

Lewis was the third overall pick, and in those drafts the Ravens were the first to trade up.

The Ravens’ picks went to Carolina in 2012 and New England in 2013.

The Ravens, like most other teams, have a history of making questionable decisions with the draft.

They made the mistake of trading up in 2012, which allowed the San Francisco 49ers to pick defensive end Chris Borland.

The 49ers took Borland with the first overall pick in 2012.

They didn’t use the first pick in 2013, when the Philadelphia Eagles took guard/tackle Ryan Seymour.

The next year, the Ravens drafted cornerback Jimmy Smith, but they didn’t take him in the third round.

They instead took offensive lineman Justin Smith.

The following year, they took safety Michael Huff in the second round.

But they didn.

The next year they took cornerback Brandon Dixon in the first round.

In 2015, they made the same mistake again.

They traded down from the No, 2 pick to the sixth pick in order to get linebacker T.J. Ward, who went on to start six games in 2016.

The following year they made another mistake.

They used the No., 4 pick to select safety Josh Wilson, who started seven games and recorded one interception.

Wilson was the first Ravens pick since 2008, when they took linebacker Terrell Suggs with the No and 3 picks.

Suggers was a first-round pick and was traded to the Dallas Cowboys.

The last time the Ravens made a bad draft decision was in 2005, when their first pick was defensive tackle Terrell Davis.

They later traded that pick to Philadelphia for wide receiver Steve Smith, who signed a five-year, $46 million deal with the Eagles.