How will the new patch work for you?

The latest patch for League of Legends will go live for all players on March 31st.

The patch brings several changes to the game, but the most significant of which is the introduction of a new champion, Blitzcrank.

This week we’re looking at how to make sure you’re playing the patch with the best of them, and there are a few ways to do this.

The most popular way is to head to the League of Heroes forums and head to a specific patch.

This will give you a detailed, easy-to-understand breakdown of the changes, as well as a list of the champions, their stats, and a full breakdown of any other game modes that you may be playing.

Head to the Riot Games League of Legend forums for the most up-to/date patch notes, and check out the Leaguepedia for more information on the new champion.

For those who are less familiar with the game and want to go into a little more depth, we’ve put together a guide to the most important aspects of the new Champion update.

Head on over to the forums for a little background on Blitzcramp, Blitz, and how Blitzcranky will change your gameplay.