When the cops got me, they said ‘we need to keep him quiet’

A man was left with serious injuries after being stabbed in his car on the streets of a city in India’s northeast, police said on Monday.

The 26-year-old man was reportedly driving home from a night out when he was confronted by two men who demanded that he hand over his wallet, police sources said.

The victim managed to drive away and called police, but the attackers allegedly tried to rob him before they sped off.

“I managed to get away and I have a bag of money with me, but I did not leave anything behind, police officer Pankaj Mishra told reporters in Bhopal on Monday, adding that the suspect had fled the scene.”

He was bleeding profusely.

We have registered a case under sections 153 (murder) and 295 (aggravated robbery),” he said.