Trump calls for more research on dryer,why doesn’t he shut it down

DONALD TRUMP on Friday called for more study into why some people do not have access to electricity, arguing that people in low-income areas and others living in rural areas are especially vulnerable.

“I think you have to go into a lot of communities where we’ve had drought, and the dryer is a very big part of that,” Trump said in an interview with ABC News.

“If we can help them, if we can save them, that’s great, but if they don’t have electricity, then it’s terrible.”

In a series of tweets, Trump suggested the dryers were responsible for the spread of disease.

He cited research from Harvard University that said that people who live in rural communities are at higher risk for respiratory illnesses such as COPD.

“So we have the great news today, that we have more and more people, particularly in the low-lying areas, living in areas where the dryest air is in the driest areas,” he said.

“They are not in a dryer.”

Trump has been outspoken in his support for the dryER, which is used in many parts of the country, and has pledged to shut down the heating system to prevent the spread.

“We can’t afford to have dryer use, and I am going to fix that,” he tweeted earlier this month.

“If you don’t use your dryer in your house, you have very high health risks,” he added.

“So I am talking about shutting down the system, shutting down your homes.

That’s what I am proposing.”

Trump did not specify how many people in the U.S. had to be living in low or medium-income communities to be at higher health risks.

“It’s not that I don’t care about people,” Trump told ABC News in an earlier interview.

“I care about the health of the people.

But I don.

Because we don’t want to have more of these people in our country.”