How to get the job as Israel’s ambassador in Jerusalem

The position of Israel’s envoy in Jerusalem is a powerful one.

Its job is to negotiate with the Palestinians and other Arabs in order to secure a state for Israel.

Its position as a symbol of the Jewish people, and its status as a “nation state,” makes it an extremely valuable asset for the Israeli government.

But it is also extremely vulnerable to accusations of bias and political bias in the media and in the political arena.

A recent poll conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) found that one in four Israelis surveyed believe that the media is biased against the country, and one in three believes the country’s ambassador is biased.

But, as I have written before, the most important reason that the Israeli media doesn’t give a full and fair account of Israel is because the country has no official ambassadors.

There is a very high probability that the government will try to find an independent, impartial representative of Israel.

The Israeli parliament, which is composed of members of the ruling Knesset and the Israeli Knessets, is also made up of members from different parties and has a wide variety of positions.

The current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has indicated that he would like to appoint someone with extensive foreign policy experience to be Israel’s new ambassador to the United States.

But the Israeli political class, which currently has one of the most powerful parties in Israel, will never approve a person with experience of being a foreign policy expert in the Israeli establishment.

That is why, even before the appointment of Ambassador Rivlin, the government was already looking to bring in a foreign affairs expert who would bring a different perspective to the job.

The government did not find a good candidate.

The name that came to mind was a young man named Yehuda Weinstein, who has been serving as the foreign affairs adviser to the Foreign Ministry.

In the past, Weinstein was known as a well-respected former diplomat, a former ambassador to France and a former deputy ambassador to Israel.

He was the most prominent Israeli expert in Washington on Middle East affairs and was known to be very outspoken.

And now, in this new role, he is being considered for the position of ambassador to America.

He has already been the director of the Israel Research Center in Washington, and he is known to have close ties to both the Trump administration and the Israel lobby in Washington.

I interviewed Weinstein during his recent trip to Washington and found that he has been extremely helpful to the government in this search for a new ambassador.

The ambassador is expected to make an announcement at the United Nations on May 22.

But in order for this to happen, Weinstein has to meet with the U.N. Security Council and submit his nomination.

After that, the Israeli ambassador will then be confirmed by the Security Council.

So, to get an idea of how difficult the job is, let’s take a look at the current situation.

Netanyahu has not appointed an ambassador to Washington since 2006.

That year, Netanyahu announced that he was willing to nominate an American to be the first ambassador to Jerusalem.

The United States rejected the nomination and, in 2007, the U:S.

voted to terminate the special relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom.

This caused some Israeli politicians to think that the country was ready to break away from the United Arab Emirates.

In 2012, Netanyahu decided to nominate a second American ambassador to be appointed.

This time, he was chosen by the Israeli public, which supported the decision to appoint the American.

The U.S. was not happy with this decision, and in 2014, Netanyahu appointed a third American to replace the first.

But then he decided to appoint a fourth American ambassador.

This new ambassador will be appointed by Netanyahu and the government, which has no intention of giving the Americans a chance to become ambassadors.

The new ambassador is being appointed by the Foreign Affairs Ministry and he will be the ambassador of the state of Israel to the U,S.

The appointment of this American ambassador is a sign of Netanyahu’s ambition to become Israel’s first permanent ambassador to U.,S., and he needs to find a new, reliable candidate.

Netanyahu is very aware of the American people’s concern over Israel’s relations with the United State, which are extremely close.

The American people have a very positive view of Israel, but they also have concerns about U.K. relations.

So it is no surprise that Netanyahu is keen to find someone with experience in Washington and in Washington’s foreign policy community.

He is also keen to appoint an American who is willing to speak to the Israeli people and to address the issues that are on their minds.

But that person has to be somebody who is familiar with the American system, who understands that U.P.S., the United Nation and the U of A are separate institutions, that are independent institutions and that they cannot become one entity.

A person who is not familiar with those institutions is not someone who will be able to provide an honest and impartial perspective.

As I mentioned earlier, Netanyahu has a very deep relationship with the