Why Japanese fans are mourning the death of Shinigami, but don’t hate him

Japanese fans were so taken with Shinigamis performance in the 2014 World Cup that they have turned their attention to the death toll from the disease.

In an article on the official Japanese hockey website, shinigamidetempo.com, a Japanese fan named Shintaro Ueda wrote, “For the first time, the World Cup team has lost a member.

It is a tragic loss.”

Ueda went on to say that “there will be no ‘death note’ or death threats, but instead, we will all come together to honor and pay tribute to our friend, who we can never forget.”

According to the article, the death tally from the pandemic was 6,917 cases and 6,769 deaths, with over 30,000 cases in Japan and the rest in Asia.

Some of the cases have been attributed to a lack of proper care at hospitals, while others have been caused by poor food or hygiene.

The death toll is expected to rise, but so far the number of confirmed cases is around 3,200.