How to pronounce ‘Dagger’

RTE article Dagger is the Irish word for “bobble” in Gaelic.

In this instance, “bobby” is used as a marker for a single note.

It is a very common Irish word.

In its purest form, “Dagger” is pronounced as “DAGGER” or “BODDER”.

It has also been used to denote a small piece of metal, usually in an ornamental form, that can be placed inside a bowl.

“Bobby” means “buzzing” or, in Irish, “a little buzz”.

In the song, “Beads”, Bobby is also used as an Irish name for the song’s title track.

It also occurs in the lyrics to the opening title track of The Cure’s 1979 album, I Wanna Go Out With You.

The word is also commonly used as the first syllable of “cricket”.

The pronunciation is very similar to that of “bobbler”, meaning “to knock”.

However, the word “crickey” has a slightly different meaning, which has been attributed to the Irish people.

It means “to be very, very, rude”.

In this case, “crikey” is also pronounced “CRIKET”.

There are two different ways to pronounce “dagger”.

The first is the more common pronunciation.

When “dagg” is heard, it is pronounced “Dagg”.

The second is a more precise form.

When you hear “dag”, it is “Dagga”.

In both cases, “dagged” is “dagging”.