What’s Next for Samsung Note 21?

With the Note 21 launching in China this week, it’s not just Samsung and other smartphone makers that have made major announcements about the next generation of the Samsung flagship.

In a move that could signal a major shift in the company’s strategy, Google is reportedly working on a new version of Android for the device that could launch this year.

But it’s a move on Google’s part that could also make it more difficult for Apple and Samsung to keep up.

The Google-made version of the operating system is called Android Nougat, and the company is already developing a version of that OS for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 devices.

It’s not clear exactly what version of Nougats will launch, but the device could be the successor to Samsung’s previous version, Nougahats.

The new version, Google’s sources say, could be based on the Nougas version of iOS, which is currently available in a beta form.

“I would say that the Android N version will be very similar to the iOS N version, and it will probably use some of the same APIs,” an Android source told The Verge.

That would make the Android version much closer to the Google-developed iOS version than the Apple-developed version, which may not be the best bet for Samsung.

Google is also reportedly working with Samsung to develop the new version for the S6, S6 edge, and Galaxy Note series.

Both Samsung and Google are reportedly working closely together to develop a new Android version for devices that are expected to be released later this year or early next year.

Apple’s iOS is based on a proprietary operating system called iOS 6, which has been in development for more than a year.

Google has been developing the new OS for Android since 2015.

But Android has a long way to go to compete with iOS in terms of both the speed of development and the breadth of its user base.

The iPhone, for instance, is already the most popular smartphone platform, and Apple has more than 15 billion devices, including the majority of the devices sold in the United States.

Android’s potential for becoming the platform for Apple’s smartphones is also something that Samsung and Apple are keen to emphasize, and Google is likely to use the platform to promote its own Android phones and devices in China.

“They are making an effort to market the device and they are trying to sell more of it in China than they are in the US,” a Samsung source told the Wall Street and Financial Times.

“It’s all about branding and being relevant in China, so I think they are going to be doing very well.”