What’s in a Name? A Guide to the Music of Death and Piano Notes

The Irish Examiner is pleased to present its weekly list of the top 100 Irish music albums of the year.

The list was compiled from the best of the submissions and also includes a handful of other notable entries.

It’s also the most diverse in terms of genre and style, with a lot of tracks from classical, jazz and alternative genres, along with a couple of new ones from new and emerging artists.

The list is divided into five categories, which can be sorted by genre or by key word.

The first is the most popular category, which includes everything from the likes of Kriyas, Crips, and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra to the likes for jazz, funk, hip-hop and R&B.

It is followed by the other two, with the music of the past 10 years, and finally, a mix of all genres.

The Irish Examiner’s list of 100 Irish Albums of the Year is as follows:The Irish Times lists “The Ballad of The Misfits” as the album of the decade and “Livin’ On A Prayer” as one of the 100 best.