What are Trump’s death notes and what does the Internet say about them?

When you hear about Trump’s suicide note, the first thing you think is that his death is not something you can be sad about.

But it turns out that Trump’s notes were actually written by an artist who has since died.

Here are some of the highlights of Trump’s last note, and why he wrote them:”I don’t care how bad your country is, the world will be better when we do something for each other.

This country was built on love, and this is what I want you to know: America is better when people are happy and not afraid to be themselves.”

It reads: “Love is the only answer.

Love conquers all.”

Trump also wanted to “show the world that love is more powerful than fear.

Fear can be just another name for prejudice, or even a lie, but it cannot stand up to love.”

It says: “To all the beautiful people of the world, I am writing these words to you in the hope that someday I can be with you again.

Thank you for being my friend and my family.”

It ends with the line, “Love conquers the world.”

Here’s what Trump’s family wrote on Facebook about his last note:”This is for you.

This is for all the families of the people who have been killed and hurt by the hateful rhetoric of this president.

The hatred of this man has been an addiction.

It’s been a disease that has consumed him.

We are praying for his recovery and for the healing of the nation.

May God guide you all and protect you.

We will be there.”