Why Spotify is not working in Australia

The latest version of Spotify in Australia is not showing up on your home screen, or even in your Play Music app.

The update for Spotify on Mac, iOS and Android is now rolling out, but some users are reporting issues with the app on iOS, Spotify in the US and Spotify in Britain.

The problem seems to be in a bug that could allow users to play music through Spotify without actually having Spotify installed.

Spotify has released an update for the Spotify app on Apple iOS, Android and Windows 10 that will fix the issue, though users are still reporting issues on both platforms.

Spotampi said the issue affects users who have Spotify installed on a Mac, or on an Android device.

“The bug is a problem in the Spotify mobile app that does not allow you to start playing music from the Spotify website or from the playlists in the app,” Spotify said in a statement to News Corp. Spotify is also working on a fix for a separate issue that users are seeing in some US versions of Spotify.

Users in the UK have also reported problems with Spotify on iOS.

Users who have installed Spotify on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device have reported that it is not available in the Music app on their iPhone, iPod touch or Android.

Spoti says this bug affects the Spotify desktop app.

Spotid said it was investigating the issue on Apple platforms but that it was working to resolve it.

Spotifil users have also complained about issues with Spotify’s YouTube and Spotify Connect videos.

Spotic said users were also seeing issues with some other streaming services, including YouTube TV, Spotify Premium, Google Play Music, Spotify Radio, iHeartRadio and Pandora.

Spotis main business is in the United States and Europe.

Spotify was acquired by Google in 2015 for $3.5 billion.