What is an encrypted death note?

High note characters and music are a common way for users to send their loved ones’ final notes.

A high note can take the form of a long line, or it can be something as simple as a handwritten note.

But in the case of the cryptid Robert Riversa, the note that was written on a piece of paper was actually a digital version of a dying man’s death.

In July 2018, Riversa was in the Philippines with his mother and a friend when he received a death note from his mother that was typed up on a digital typewriter.

According to the police, Riverscas mother took the note to the Philippines Embassy in Hong Kong.

When they reached the Embassy, Riversas mother saw a note from her son on a large, black-and-white photo of a man with an arrow pointing to the right.

Riversa and his mother asked the Embassy to check on their son, but the officials there didn’t have the manpower to investigate.

The next day, the man who was Riversa’s mother sent the police a photo of the handwritten note and said it was a digital copy of a death notice he had written on paper.

After that, the authorities sent a team to look into Riversas death.

The team came across Riversa at the hospital where his mother was recovering.

A detective showed them the handwritten message on the black- and white photo.

It was typed by Riversa himself, and the handwriting was identical to the handwritten notes that he had sent to the Manila Embassy and the Philippines Consulate.

The police said Riversa had died by suicide.

“He said, ‘I’m gonna die,’ and he took his own life,” the detective told local news outlet Inquirer.

“I don’t know how he did it, but I have a feeling he had a suicide note.

That’s why he was so upset.”

Routersa was rushed to a local hospital and told he would be admitted to a hospital within two days.

When the detective went to see Riversa later that day, he saw that his friend had been taken by the police to a different hospital, where the doctor was treating him for an unrelated medical condition.

Upon arriving at the Manila Consulate, the detective found a letter on Riversa s desk from his father, who had sent it to the Philippine Embassy, and a note on his body.

The letter said that Riversa left his parents home to go to the Consulate and the note said he would go to his father.

That night, a policeman who had accompanied Riversa on a mission found Riversa lying on the ground outside the Philippine Consulate with a gunshot wound to his neck.

The officer called for an ambulance.

Three days later, the police arrested Riversa and took him to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where he was given the all-clear.

But Riversa died a week later.

He was 43.

This story has been updated with additional information from the Philippines.