When was the last time you played a stick and notes concert?

A woman in her 40s was killed and 19 others injured in a bomb blast in a concert hall in the capital, New Delhi, in the early hours of Saturday morning, police said.

The blast took place at the Jantar Mantar concert hall, in a complex at the edge of the city’s sprawling central business district.

Police said the blast took the life of the woman, identified only as Amrita, who was among 19 people injured in the attack.

The blast occurred at around 6:30am, when the concert hall was still packed with people.

“The concert hall is a place where people of all ages come and perform,” police spokesman Darshan Kumar said.

“Amrita was in a section of the crowd.

She was on the right side of the stage.

She went to perform a note, and then was hit by a bomb.”

Amrits father said he saw her on the ground after the blast.

“She was crying,” he told AFP news agency.

“My daughter’s not even in hospital yet.”

Police say a woman is dead and 19 injured after a bomb explosion in a venue at the venue of a Jantarparket concert in New Delhi.

The incident took the lives of a woman and 19 other people in the city.

The incident took place in a multi-story complex at a complex of buildings at the end of a major thoroughfare near the city headquarters.

Police are still searching for a second suspect, who is in custody.

The venue is a popular venue for Indian musicians.

It has been hosting concerts by Indian artists such as Raghavendra Prasad, Ravi Shankar, Vyasweta Roy, Bimala Jain, and many more.