How to make your own death note wallpaper

How to create a death note portrait?

There’s a lot of ways to go about it, but the most common way is to draw your death note image on a piece of paper, then hand-write it.

Here are some tips to get you started.


Put your own thoughts in the paper You can get creative by adding your own ideas.

If you’re not a big fan of black and white images, try to come up with some color.


Paint on paper If you have a piece to draw on paper, make sure to leave the ink or paint dry before you paint.

It will help make sure that your design is legible.


Draw on a black background Once you have your paper design, draw it onto a black surface.

Paint some white and black across the top, and then add a white border around the edges.


Paint the paper with your own ink or a paintbrush If you’d like to use a different ink, you can use paint to draw the letters.


Put a white line through the words of your letter to make them legible The final step is to fill in the white space with black.

Use the same technique you use with the letters to fill the gaps and make the letters legible with your ink.


Add some black dots for decoration Adding black dots to the end of your note will make it easier to see what you’ve drawn.

You can also use white dots to make it more legible, if you’d prefer.


Add a white background to your note A white background will help to make sure the lines on your paper are legible to your eye.


Use a pencil to draw a portrait of your own design Using a pencil can help you draw your own designs on your death notes.

Just make sure you have the correct type of paper for your design.


Add the letter to your paper Before you begin, take your note and fill it out.

Make sure you make sure it’s legible and it’s not blacked out.

You may also want to write your name and/or address on the back of the note.


Make the note on paper before you put it on the desk Once you’ve done that, put your note on the paper.

Draw your design and fill in any blank spaces.

Make any adjustments you need to make, then attach the note to your piece of white paper.